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Reboot on 7/17

by Vinnamon_Buns on 9th Jul 2019, 2:22 PM
Hello to all 2 of you that are probably reading this! Where has this comic been the past 2 years? Nowhere! I wrote myself into a corner it seems! Narratively, this comic has always been pretty loose. However, with the arc that I left off on, I realized I couldn't properly get Gats & co. out of the situation in a non-asspull-ey way. I have been revising and rewriting the first 3 parts of the manga for about the past year now, and I think with these small simple changes, the narrative is a lot tighter, the characterization is a lot more clear, and the art will be more consistent. I've decided to reboot my comic.Very unfortunate for those that disliked the first part of the comic but loved the second part, as I will have to go through the whole kid-Gats thing again. However, in the rewrite I beefed up what happens in Part 1, including how much the mom appears, so get excited for that.

To those that enjoyed the comic, I really appreciate you! I'm always happy to create something that others can enjoy. If you ever get the urge to reread the original run of this comic, it's been completely archived on Tapas HERE. I am very grateful for your support. And, if you're still interested, I hope you'll enjoy the reboot of the comic that'll be starting next Wednesday!